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Belgian Beef Stew Seasoning 30g

Belgian Beef Stew Seasoning 30g

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A Belgian dish with Dutch roots, carbonnade is a beef stew made with vegetables, herbs, and most importantly, beer. This aromatic spice mix simplifies the original recipe, giving all you need to get started. Click here?ÕÌ_to see our recipe on how to use this!?ÕÌ_

  • Product of Belgium
  • All-natural, traditional, vegan, vegetarian
  • 1.09 oz.; 30g
  • Ingredients:?ÕÌ_Salt, herbs garlic, thyme, laurel), spices (pepper, bell pepper, chili, mustard, nutmeg), dietary fibers, yeast extract, sugar (dextrose), vegetables (onion)
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