Try The World Stories: The Zaceks

Try The World Stories: The Zaceks

Try The World is about exploring the world through food. It’s also about bringing people together and learning about new cultures. In this column, we showcase the amazing ways that you—our amazing community of fellow food lovers—use your box. This month, Try The World’s Social Media Manager, Diego León, speaks to Anne Zacek. Her son, Trevor, creates gourmet fusion meals for his family using the items from Try The World boxes. 


How did you first find out about Try The World?

I first heard about you on Facebook. The name and beautiful picture of food automatically caught my attention. I thought that because we were starting the new year, we should try something new. I showed my son, Trevor, and he said, “Mom, yes, we have to sign up!” So that was it! The first box sold him on that idea of traveling at home.

We love to hear that kids love our boxes! Can you tell me a little bit more about Trevor?

Trevor is 11 years old and he’s in 6th grade. He does well in school and practices tae kwon do. He has a black belt! He recently took up rock climbing. He also loves to travel with us. We’ve been traveling together since he was a baby. One day he was watching a TV show for kids called Henry Danger, which is about a 13 year old kid. In one of the episodes, his parents say, “It’s your turn to make dinner this week!” I think that inspired my son because shortly thereafter, he started cooking. I love that he’s always ready to try something different and new.

He sounds like a cool kid! What was his experience like with his first Try The World box?

The first one we received was the Spain Box, and the first thing he ate was the mussels! He said he prefers when they are cooked, but I was so happy to see him try them out. Then, the first thing he cooked was the shrimp recipe from the Culture Guide because he had never cooked shrimp before. It was something different and new. The next day, he added the leftover shrimp dish to a ramen noodle soup he made. And later in the week, he had gnocchi for lunch and decided to put the tumaca sauce from the Spain Box on top! We love that he’s so open to trying different things.

Trevor is so creative! It sounds like he really experimented with the Spain Box and mixed ingredients from various cuisines.

Oh yeah! He tried everything. The only thing he’s not very into is marmalade, but apart from that, he loves to try new things and experiment.

You recently received the Thailand Box. What did you and Trevor think of that one?

He couldn’t wait for the Thailand Box to arrive because this summer we are actually going to Thailand! The box has given him a little bit of an idea as to what he’s going to experience when we visit. Last Sunday he made the red curry beef and it was a success. My husband loved it! He said, I could eat this all day!” It was so delicious. And it was great for my son because it gave him a little taste of spicy food and new flavors. He said, “Oh I had no idea it would taste like this. I thought it would taste like coconut because of the milk!” But it was a totally different taste for him and he absolutely loved it.

It’s so great to hear that your family is loving their boxes! When Trevor cooks, does he get some help from you or dad, or does he do it by himself?

We cooked his first meal together because I wanted to give him a few pointers, like how to chop, how to cut certain things, and how to do his prep before he starts cooking. But on his second meal, I was not allowed to touch anything. So now I just stand in the kitchen, giving him a few directions here and there, but my job is to take pictures and supervise. He does all the chopping and everything else! It’s been fun for me to see him grow in that way and take the lead.

That’s really impressive. We want to see what Trevor does next! Anything else you love about the box?

My son really enjoys the Culture Guide because he reads everything in it! It has this special connection to the country and there is so much information inside. Information about the chef that puts the ingredients together, the different regions in the country, the music, the little drinks that you can make, etc. I think it’s very, very good. And I think it’s very important information, especially the information about the products themselves. Knowing that it’s coming from a small farm or is non-GMO is important for him to be aware of because he likes to know what he eats.

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Diego León

Diego León is the Social Media Manager at Try The World. Out of the office, he runs a menswear fashion blog called Dandy in the Bronx. 

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