Try The World News: Cookbooks are Available on the Shop!

Try The World News: Cookbooks are Available on the Shop!

It’s here! A hand-picked selection of the best cookbooks from around the world—one for each of our boxes—is now available for purchase on the Shop! Whether building your own collection, gifting a book to someone else, or diving deeper into a country’s culinary heritage, these cookbooks are a wonderful way to explore authentic, flavorful cuisines from around the world. Here’s a taste of the highlights.

Food of Morocco by Paula Wolfert

A foremost authority on Mediterranean cooking, Paula Wolfert first fell in love with Morocco when she traveled there over 30 years ago. Food of Morocco, her eighth cookbook and winner of the 2012 Winner James Beard Award for Best International Cookbook, is infused with knowledge, passion, and Moroccan authenticity, with simple and delicious recipes that celebrate such Moroccan ingredients as preserved lemon, cumin, saffron, and argan oil. This beautiful cookbook presents the flavors of Morocco in an accessible way, such that any reader can recreate authentic dishes at home.

My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz, a popular food blogger who’s written numerous, critically acclaimed cookbooks, is an American expat who moved to France to explore the country and its rich culinary history. In addition to featuring 100 recipes inspired by his new life there, My Paris Kitchen includes countless stories and incredible photography of the beautiful city. Encapsulating everything from appetizers to main dishes, vegetables to desserts, and stories full of humor, wit, and honesty, My Paris Kitchen authentically represents French sensibilities both in and out of the kitchen.

Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich

With countless cookbooks, television shows, restaurants, and fans, Lidia Matticchio Bastianich is known as a maven of traditional Italian cuisine. In Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy, Bastianich explores the cuisine of every region of the boot-shaped country, highlighting local specialties that extend far beyond marinara and chicken parmigiana.

Seven Fires by Francis Mallman and Peter Kaminsy

Grilling is an intrinsic component of Argentinian cuisine, and Francis Mallman and Peter Kaminsy are masters of the craft. After making his name working in the best kitchens around the world, Mallman turned to his first passion: grilling over an open flame. Seven Fires features 100 recipes—using seven grilling techniques—for cooking meats, vegetables, seafood, and more. Adapted for both novices and experts, this book shows any home cook how to best capture the Argentinian flavors of the grill.

Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singleton-Hachisu

Never used shiso or yuzu? Not to worry: In Japanese Farm Food, Nancy Singleton-Hachisu, an American expat who’s been living in a rural farmhouse in Japan for over 27 years, explores the unique cuisine of this incredible country. Written in a guiding tone and with clear, easy-to-follow detail, the recipes in this book are a wonderful introduction to the varied cuisine of Japan. Plus, they expose cooks to much more than just sushi; the book also highlights produce, unique ingredients, and high-quality proteins, including healthy recipes and incredible photography.

The Family Meal by Ferran Adrià

The former chef-owner of El Bulli, a world-famous restaurant in Spain that won the prestigious World’s Best Restaurant Award, Ferran Adrià is one of Spain’s best known chefs. The Family Meal is his first venture into instruction for home cooks and is composed of recipes inspired by “family meal,” the meal eaten by the staff at a restaurant prior to a busy service. With illustrated steps and useful conversion charts that help scale recipes to bigger serving sizes, The Family Meal is a wonderful introduction to the Spanish style of home cooking.

Thai Food by David Thompson

David Thompson landed in Thailand by accident, but his interest and dedication to the country has flourished ever since. Encouraging and clear, Thai Food inspires cooks to celebrate the culinary foundations of Thai cuisine and expand beyond commonplace dishes like pad thai by using traditional ingredients, such as shrimp paste, lemongrass, coconut milk, and curries, and foundational preparation techniques. It’s the perfect book for the more adventurous cook looking to discover the full spectrum of Thai cuisine.

My Portugal by George Mendes

George Mendes is the chef-owner of New York City restaurants Aldea and Lupolo and the curator of Try The World’s Portugal Box! In his first cookbook, My Portugal, Mendes recounts the culinary traditions he grew to know and love. With traditional recipes from his childhood and innovative dishes from his restaurants, this book is a wonderful glimpse into the typical cuisine of Portugal: bright flavors, simple preparations, fresh produce, and the incredible abundance of seafood.

The Nordic Cookbook by Magnus Nilsson

This best selling cookbook is the renowned, seminal guide to Scandinavian culture and cuisine, written by Magnus Nilsson, the acclaimed chef-owner of Fäviken in Sweden. With 700 recipes for traditional dishes from various Scandinavian countries, The Nordic Cookbook is the ultimate guide to Nordic cuisine. Recipes are supplemented by incredible photographs and essays, as well as directions for traditional Nordic preservation and smoking techniques.

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