Try The World Is Thankful For Pepper Tree Spice

Try The World Is Thankful For Pepper Tree Spice

We take pride in the suppliers we partner with to bring you the best foods from every corner of the globe. Sometimes, we wanna show them off! So we’re putting the spotlight on our friends at Pepper Tree Spice, who recently featured one of their products in our Canada box.

Pepper Tree Spice was created by London entrepreneur Deb Mackey, who wanted to share a passion for high-quality and truly fresh spices, herbs, seasonings, and her hand-crafted blends to the growing culinary and organic community in southwestern Ontario. Pepper Tree opened their first retail store in December 2010 in London. Since then, they have expanded their online retail presence and opened their second store in Port Stanley, Ontario in 2013. They source from around the globe for organic ingredients that are guaranteed fresh, and their spice blends are hand-created and always kitchen tested before being offered in their retail locations or online shop. They’re environmentally conscious too! Pepper Tree reduces their carbon footprint by using and purchasing only recyclable materials, and offer their herbs and spices in glass bottles rather than contributing to the buildup of plastics in landfills.

While herbs and spices are Pepper Tree’s specialty, that isn’t all they offer. Their online store has recently been stocked with new preserves like Mrs. Bridges Apricot Peach Preserve.. It’s perfect for capturing the flavors of late summer, and can be spread onto biscuits or stirred into Greek yogurt. Back in the spice kitchen, Chair Teazer has arrived! It’s an epic fusion of Japanese black tea, chai spice, garlic, curry powder, peppercorn, and Himalayan salt. This unique spice is best used as a dry rub for beef, seafood, chicken, and pork.


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In September, we featured Pepper Tree Spice’s Hyde Park Steak spice in our Canada box. This blend of organic coriander, garlic, chilies, paprika, and other spices was first created by European immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. It’s perfect as a dry rub for a savory steak or chicken dish.

We were excited for the opportunity to offer Pepper Tree Spice’s product to our subscribers, and happy to brag about them on our magazine. Look for a recipe featuring the Hyde Park Steak Spice tomorrow!

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