Thirsty Thursday: 5 Drinks to Make with your Spain Box

Thirsty Thursday: 5 Drinks to Make with your Spain Box

This Thirsty Thursday we’re feeling a bit unconventional as we make cocktails with ingredients from the Spain Box. Who ever heard of jam as a sweetener? Or spicy paprika as a garnish? Trust us—it’s better than your usual drink of choice.

Cava Spritzer with Stone Fruit
This refreshing summer spritzer, made with ripe summer fruit and P. Listo's floral jams, features the sparkling wine of Spain: Cava.
Sherry Flip
This Spanish-inspired cocktail incorporates an egg yolk to create what's known in bar speak as a flip.
Spanglish Cocktail
In the Spanglish, Powell combines distinctly American and Spanish spirits (bourbon and sherry) to create a strong and lightly spiced drink.
Sherry Cobbler
While similar to the popular sangria drink, this boozier cocktail incorporates Spanish sherry.
Sherry Penicillin
In this riff on a Penicillin, which is usually made with Scotch, the main spirit is swapped out for sherry and smoky mezcal.

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