The Ultimate Grilling Menu for Summer Meals

The Ultimate Grilling Menu for Summer Meals

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer grilling. In honor of warm weather and all things outdoors, we’ve created the ultimate grilling menu, complete with appetizers, sides, and dessert—and some drinks, of course!


Appetizers & Salads

Pan con Tomate: A traditional breakfast dish from Catalonia in Spain, Pan con Tomate also works well as an appetizer. Use El Navarrico tumaca sauce for an even easier version of the dish.

Salmon and Dill Toasts: Encapsulating the flavors of Sweden with Mörsjö Deli flatbread crisps, award-winning mustard by Liss Ellas, and smoked salmon, these simple toasts are a guaranteed crowdpleaser.

Heirloom Tomato Salad: Curator of the Portugal Box George Mendes serves this refreshing salad at his New York City restaurant Aldea. Use Hands on Earth sea salt and lemon to season the dish.

Cucumber and Radish Salad: Sweet and hot mustard from Liss Ellas, herbaceous dill, acidic vinegar, and crisp, fresh vegetables? Nothing can go wrong here!


Mains & Sides

Grilled Chicken with Piri Piri: Paladin’s piri piri hot sauce from the Portugal Box makes for a delicious marinade for many types of meat. This recipe, made with chicken, creates a crisp and spicy skin that’s hard to beat.

Mackerel with Charred Peppers: Serve Briosa canned seafood from the Portugal Box with charred peppers from the grill. Sweet peppers create a delicious contrast with the salty fish.

Romesco with Summer Squash: This romesco, a nut and red pepper-based sauce originally from Catalonia, is delicious topped onto grilled vegetables. Jamie Bissonnette, curator of the Spain Box, uses it on grilled squash or zucchini.

Patatas Bravas: Crispy potatoes, tomato, chorizo, and paprika from the Spain Box combine to create one of most satisfying sides.


Sweet Things

Blueberry Matcha Bubble Tea Pops: After a day in the sun, these refreshing ice pops made with AOI matcha tea are a welcome treat after the meal.

Pavê de Geléia: In this dessert, featuring Bazzar’s açaí sauce, cookies and fresh berries alternate between layers of whipped cream.

Saft Berry Crush: Bursting with fresh berries and the incredible elderflower saft syrup from the Sweden Box, this refreshing cocktail is an essential addition to any summer barbecue.

Açaí Caipirinha: The juxtaposition of acidic lime and sweet açaí makes this drink both balanced and delicious.

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