Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to South Africa!

Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to South Africa!

This month, we’ve booked a one-way ticket to South Africa! With its golden beaches, jagged mountains, and national parks overflowing with wildlife and spectacular natural scenery, South Africa is a vast country with wildly varying landscapes and a population that is no less diverse. Try The World’s South Africa box will take you on a culinary adventure to this vibrant, beautiful country.


What’s in the South Africa Box?

From spicy peri peri sauce to flavor-packed peach chutney, we’ll show you our carefully curated food picks to give you the best of South Africa’s culinary traditions. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of this dynamic country as you explore the products and recipes that come with your box.

How to Use Your South Africa Box

We’re excited to share with you the unique flavors of South Africa by showing you how to have your very own braai – complete with recipes that we’ve sourced using the products from your box. It’s an exciting culinary journey that will put an exotic spin on your next family gathering.

You can find these recipes in our immersive culture guide, as well as fun facts about South Africa that will have you feeling like you’ve lost yourself in the Rainbow Nation.

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