Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to Peru!

Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to Peru!

Peru offers everything, from fresh ceviche to giant corn and velvety Amazonian chocolate. We’re thrilled to bring Peru to you!

Nestled on the Pacific coast of South America, Peru has a landscape that is as storied as its regional cultures. From the snow-covered peaks of the Andes to the purity of the Peruvian Amazon, the country is deeply connected to nature and local products.

About the Peru box

Capturing the essence of the country, Chef Erik Ramirez helped to curate the Peru Box. It’s an immersive experience that transports you the country and allows you to experience the culinary wonder that Peru has to offer.

From nutrient-rich quinoa to chia seeds and goldenberries, Peru is home to some of the world’s most popular superfoods. The contents in the Peru Box are healthy and so delicious. It’s easy to recreate authentic Peruvian meals at home by exploring the traditions of this South American country.

The Culture Guide for Peru includes easy-to-follow recipes, like flounder tiradito to a flan made with coffee, so you can host an authentic Peruvian meal at home!


About the curating chef, Erik Ramirez

Chef Erik Ramirez grew up eating his mother’s delicious Peruvian cuisine. After immersing himself in the world of French cuisine—most notably at the famed Eleven Madison Park—Ramirez opened the popular restaurant Llama Inn in New York’s trendy Brooklyn neighborhood, Williamsburg. The restaurant features his incredible Peruvian dishes made with local, seasonal ingredients.

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