Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to Mexico!

Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to Mexico!

Experience a multitude of incredible products made in Mexico, from delicious salsas to iconic Mexican candies. With these 8 unique products, we hope you enjoy discovering Mexico’s cultural and culinary traditions. Begin your subscription with a Countries Box here!

How to use your Mexico Box?

This box is inspired by the mouth-watering foods that Mexico is known for, and that both locals and travelers adore. From fresh ceviche with creamy guacamole to Mexican hot chocolate, the recipes and products in this box will transport you to Mexico, whether it be on the beaches of Tulum or the vibrant streets of Oaxaca.

Enjoy your food experience by sipping on a cocktail. There’s a great recipe for one made with mezcal (or tequila), Saint Germain, and the Pulparindo candy and fruit juice in the box! The included Mexico Culture Guide comes with this recipe and more, as well as fun cultural facts so you can learn even more about Mexican traditions.

About the Curating Chef, Abraham Tamez

Curating Chef Abraham Tamez is the executive chef at Estrella Restaurante in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico’s world-renowned resort town on the Pacific. He grew up exploring Mexico City’s mercados, or markets, and learning to cook traditional dishes – like quesadillas with epazote and barbacoa, a type of slow cooked meat – from his grandparents. Chef Tamez’s vibrant dishes, coupled with his enthusiasm and charm, celebrate the flavors of his heritage.  

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