Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to India!

Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to India!

From the northern capital of New Delhi, with its bustling streets and markets, to the tropical beaches of the south, India is bursting with incredible diversity. Featuring exciting flavor combinations and aromatic spices, food in India brings families and friends together to celebrate long-held traditions. This month, we’re excited to bring you India! 


What’s inside the India Box? 

From a vibrant green chutney to an aromatic spice mix, the India Box offers a multitude of tastes and experiences to enjoy! All of the products are sourced from companies in India that truly capture the essence of this vast, diverse country.

When combined with the Culture Guide, this immersive experience is one the whole family can enjoy. The box also includes products like long-grain basmati rice, an easy dosa mix, and a spicy date and tamarind sauce.


How to use the India Box?

Explore India by serving sweet, sugary cubes of sohan papdi with hot chai tea and milk. Then, try making homemade dosas with a side of dipping sauce! After these appetizers, delve even further into this beautiful country by frying up some spicy corn chaat and cooking tandoori chicken.

No worries if you don’t have a tandoor though, you can easily make all of these specialties at home! The Culture Guide includes all of these recipes, and even more cultural facts, so you can enjoy an authentic experience inspired by India.


About the curating chef, Hemant Mathur

For the India Box, we collaborated with Chef Hemant Mathur. His recipes combine a classic approach and modern techniques to create flavorful dishes representative of India’s unique regions and cultures.

Trained as a chef in the city of Jaipur, he is the driving force behind some of New York’s most highly regarded Indian restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Tulsi. Check out his newest restaurant, Malai Marke, if you’re in the trending food neighborhood of the East Village!


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