Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to Greece!

Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to Greece!

Picturesque and incredibly historic, Greece plays an integral part in both the history of the world and the history of food. Greek food is healthy and nourishing, and many of its flavors are rooted in the country’s terrain, which is made up of rocky cliffs along the Mediterranean with ancient olive trees, raw honey, and fresh herbs (not to mention, feta)! With such a bright and healthful cuisine, let our Greece Box transport you to this beautiful place!


What’s inside the Greece Box?

From honey-sesame bars called pasteli to rosemary-infused olive oil, this box comes with 8 products that are made in Greece. Our inspiration came from the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which has made Greek food so famous.

This box includes tzatziki mix, hand-stuffed dolmas, a spicy pepper sauce with feta, breadsticks, Greek cookies called kourambies, and trahana, which is a type of Grecian pasta. These products are just the beginning of exploring Greece! With the Culture Guide, you’ll be able to discover more interesting facts and stories behind our products.


How to use the Greece Box?

From lamb keftedes (meatballs) to soup made with trahana, it’s easy to enjoy Greek food at home. The Culture Guide helps you have an authentic experience at home. It also shows you how to create a mezze platter with an assortment of appetizers for a traditional dining experience. Start by enjoying small plates of tzatziki, breadsticks, and dolmas! We really hope you enjoy the magic of Greece as much as we do.

About the curating chef, Diane Kochilas

Curating Chef Diane Kochilas’ is a chef consultant, has worked with many Greek restaurants around the US, and has appeared on numerous TV shows – such as “Throwdown with Bobby Flay.”

Born and raised in a Greek home in New York City, Diane has spent her career promoting all things Greek and gourmet. With this box, she introduces healthy, delicious cuisine from her ancestral home of Ikaria, a Greek island. Her cooking philosophy is rooted in simplicity, community, and wholesome foods.

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