Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to Canada!

Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to Canada!

This month, we’re headed up north to experience Canada! Renowned worldwide for its vast, untouched landscape (including some of the coldest places on Earth) and rich natural beauty, the country has been heavily influenced by its colonial founders, Britain and France. Try The World’s Canada box, curated by Chef Sean MacDonald, introduces you to the wonderful flavors this multifaceted country has to offer. 


What’s in the Canada box?

From buttery shortbread cookies to a savory steak spice, this month’s box allows you to explore the inspiring local flavors of Canada. And while their famous maple syrup may come to mind when you think of its cuisine, it certainly isn’t all Canada has to offer.

©Try The World

How to Use Your Canada Box

Fall is officially right around the corner, and whether it’s a hot sandwich cooked in the Montreal style or a warm cup of tea, our hand-picked Canadian goodies are sure to fend off the coming chill and and bring warmth into your kitchen. Chef Sean MacDonald has shown us his favorite ways to celebrate his home country by using this month’s box ingredients to prepare three amazing recipes.

©Sean MacDonald

You can find these recipes in our immersive culture guide, as well as fun facts about Canada that will have you feeling like you’ve stepped into the land of the maple leaf.

©Sean MacDonald

About the Curating Chef, Sean MacDonald

A native of Calgary, Sean MacDonald graduated from the Professional Cooking Program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and, at 25, has already garnered several accolades – including winning the Alberta Regional Competition of the 2015 Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship. He is currently the Executive Chef of Hexagon Restaurant and 7 Enoteca in Oakville, Canada.

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