Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to Belgium!

Our Next Food Destination: Welcome to Belgium!

Famous for its beer and chocolate, Belgium has also become known for its own comforting stews and street snacks like piping hot waffles and fries. Sharing borders with France, Germany, and the Netherlands, Belgium uniquely draws from these three countries while having culinary traditions entirely its own.


What’s inside the Belgium Box? 

Discover some of Belgium’s most beloved foods, like sirop de Liège and creamy Andalouse sauce. With 8 specialty products all made it Belgium, it’s easy to have a local taste of this quaint, culturally rich European country.

When combined with the Culture Guide, this immersive experience is easy for anyone enjoy. The Belgium box includes foods like peach jam specially made with Belgian beer, a creamy milk chocolate bar, and gingerbread mustard. 


How to use the Belgium Box?

From a warm cheese dip to a comforting beef stew, this month’s box will transport you from your kitchen to a rustic, jovial dinner in Belgium. Make beef carbonnade for dinner and end on a sweet note with hot chocolate, speculoos biscuits, and hard caramel candies called babeluttes. The Culture Guide includes these recipes, along with fun cultural facts so you can experience an Belgian meal at home.


About the curating chef, Bart Vandaele

For the Belgum Box, we collaborated with Bart Vandaele. Born in Roeselare, Belgium, Chef Vandaele is known for his energetic personality and passion for all things Belgian.

He has competed on Bravo’s “Top Chef,” and his restaurant Belga Café is located in the heart of DC. Credited for putting Belgian food on the map in the United States, Bart Vandaele’s approach to cooking is polished yet playful.

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