Our Next Destination: Welcome to Turkey!

Our Next Destination: Welcome to Turkey!

Strategically positioned between Europe and Asia, Turkey has been a centre for cultural and commercial exchanges for thousands of years. Turkish food is symbolic of this and is a fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors, with ingredients such as rich olive oil, dark amber honey, and world-renowned spices. With Try The World’s Turkey Box, discover the flavors of this awe-inspiring country!
What’s Inside the Turkey Box? 
From the ancient Greeks and Romans to 465 years of Ottoman rule, Turkey has a rich history spanning over two thousand years. Marvel at the flavors and heritage of this impressive country with these delicacies! With products like aromatic black tea and simit with sesame seeds, the Turkey Box offers a multitude of tastes to enjoy. The box also includes products like sumac, rose water, and helva. All of the products are sourced from business throughout the country that capture the essence of this beautiful country. When combined with the Culture Guide, this immersive experience is one the whole family can enjoy.
How to Use the Turkey Box
Explore Turkey by serving sweet cubes of Turkish Delight with hot black tea. Then, try making baked apricots that are garnished with rose water and honey nut bars that are all in the box! The Turkey Culture Guide includes these recipes, along with a dozen other recommendations about how to use the products in your box. We hope you enjoying learning more about Turkey with the included cultural facts, for we’ve truly loved experiencing this fascinating country first-hand in order to find the best products for you.
About the Curating Chef, Nurdan of Enfes
For the Turkey Box, we partnered with chef Nurdan Erdem at New York City’s Enfes, which specializes in hand-rolled Turkish delicacies. Her recipes offer the best that her home country has to offer, and the restaurant is famous for its savory gözleme. Locals and tourists alike flock to the store’s pop-ups at Broadway Eats in the summer and Bryant Park’s Holiday Market. We hope you enjoy her curation!

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