Our 8 Favorite Ways to Use Lingonberry Preserve

Our 8 Favorite Ways to Use Lingonberry Preserve

If there’s one berry that is synonymous with Sweden, it’s the lingonberry, and what an incredible berry it is! Not only are they topped onto a variety of savory Swedish dishes, but thanks to their abundance of vitamins, minerals, and more, they’ve also been used to treat a variety of ailments in folk medicine. In case you still have leftovers from your Sweden Box, we’ve got plenty of lingonberry recipes to help you finish the entire jar of Hafi lingonberry preserve. Need to restock? Check out the Shop online here.

1. Back to basics

Update traditional favorites with tart lingonberry preserve: spread it on breakfast toast, mix it into yogurt and granola, or add it to your PB&J. The classics never tasted so good.

2. Grilled cheese upgrade

One of the reasons we love grilled cheese sandwiches is that they’re incredibly versatile. Not only can you swap cheeses and add meats or other ingredients, but they’re also delicious with lingonberry preserve (and even more so combined with pungent cheeses like Brie or extra sharp cheddar).

3. Breakfast specials

Just like us, Swedes love eating pancakes for breakfast. Instead of sweetening them with maple syrup, try a few with lingonberry preserve. (And we wouldn’t mind eating our crêpes or waffles with it either.)

4. Fancy snacks

Lingonberry is delicious with glavlax (smoked salmon). Prepare a crowd-pleasing snack or appetizer with just flatbread crisps from the Sweden Box, a slice of glavlax, and a dollop of lingonberry preserve.

5. Mixology master

Lingonberry preserve is the perfect addition to a variety of drinks and cocktails, especially those made with vodka or aquavit. Just be sure to shake the preparation well before serving to prevent it from sinking to the bottom so quickly.

6. Cookie update

Prepare your favorite thumbprint cookie recipe and fill the center with lingonberry preserve. This Nordic twist on the classic cookie makes for a delicious dessert or midnight snack.

7. Fruity sorbet

Add lingonberry preserve to your favorite sorbet recipe to add tart, fruity flavor. It’s an easy way to incorporate complexity to the basic recipe.

8. Stick with the classics

Lingonberry preserve is traditionally served with savory dishes: try it with meatballs, dumplings, cabbage, and more! Check out the full recipe for meatballs here and for dumplings here to make your own.

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