Our 7 Favorite Thai Recipes Made by Our Community

Our 7 Favorite Thai Recipes Made by Our Community

@yeeshbirch puts a fancy spin on Thai green curry by adding it to some crab! With a side of Jasberry rice, of course.

@meganeileen15 knows that the secret to a great Instagram pic is the presentation. She topped her red curry with red bell pepper and some fresh basil.

@sarndilia does a rice bowl right! She topped a bowl of Jasberry rice from the Thailand Box with a ton of veggies. It’s healthy and pretty!

@jul3s88 proves that smoothie bowls are the prettiest way to eat. She topped hers with some dried coconut from the Thailand box.

@yagodka cooked up a giant bowl of green curry with chicken, rice, and fresh veggies and finished it off with some Chaidim lemongrass tea.

@natattack_23’s food is fun! Especially when coconut flower syrup and Disney is involved.

@perfectstormbff’s Jasberry rice pudding gets a colorful twist with a topping of fresh kiwis.

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