Our 5 Favorite Dishes from Twitter

Our 5 Favorite Dishes from Twitter

@ronaberrymorin used the caramelized onions from her Portugal Box to create a hearty dinner with steak and stir-fried veggies.


@BiancaKeeler used the ingredients from her Thailand Box to create a full Thai spread—including red curry beef, tom kha gai (coconut soup), and jasberry rice pudding—paired with taro chips, jackfruit, and coconut crisps for snacking.


@GirlWCoffee used the extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt and lemon from the Portugal Box to make a beautiful edamame humus. Paired with pita bread and olives, this dip makes the perfect afternoon snack.


@brianlinca served his mother’s famous homemade pork chops over broccoli and jasberry rice from the Thailand Box.


@AshleighHouska whipped up piri piri chicken, Portuguese arroz, and a chickpea salad with the sea salt and lemon from the Portugal Box.

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