Meet the Maker: Yoffi’s Date Spread from Israel

Meet the Maker: Yoffi’s Date Spread from Israel

Yoffi – the maker of the date spread in the Holiday Box: Michelin: Edition – is a company based in Herzliya, Israel. The Mayofis family takes pride in sharing local, high quality ingredients and products. Read ahead to learn more about this company.

Tell us a little bit about how Yoffi got started?

Our company is a family-owned business. A little more than a year ago, my family and I moved to Israel from Russia. When we came, we  already had an idea in mind and a full understanding of what we were going to do in a new country. Not long before moving, we registered a new company in Israel and gathered a team of enthusiasts who wanted to get started together with us. It’s fair to say that we are a start-up in our sphere of gourmet souvenirs.

In Russia, we were engaged in a completely different sphere of work (primarily news and television), but all of us decided to quit and start our own business in Israel. We started out by doing the most important things for us: choosing the products and working with local suppliers, finding a designer who sees Israel the way we see it, and creating our brand (Yoffi is part of our last name – Mayofis), as well as establishing a graphic look with the designer. Now our brand is officially registered in Israel, and we are going to register it in other countries as well.


What are three words that describe Yoffi?

1) Israel – all of our products come from Israel and are symbolic, traditional foods of the country

2) Natural – our products are made from natural raw materials with great taste and quality

3) Beauty – our products are not only tasty, but they look fancy as well! People eat with their eyes, and we want to make the eyes happy too.


What is Yoffi’s mission or goal?

We established our business not only in order to sell products. We developed our line of authentic Israeli souvenirs that represent Israeli tastes and flavors. By selling them, we would like to open Israel to the people all over the world. We do it in a very stylish way – traditional foods like dates, tahini and so on are presented in a modern packaging that is designed at a high-quality level. Each country has something in terms of food that describes it – chocolate from Switzerland, olive oil from Greece, pasta from Italy. And Israel? Our aim is to tell the world what a tasty country that Israel is!


To end on a sweet note, how is the date spread from the Holiday Box: Michelin Edition made?  

The date spread that is featured is one of the most traditional foods in Israel, as well as one of our frontrunners. Dates are a very unique product. Eight dates per day is enough to gain the daily need of minerals and vitamins. Our spread is produced from high quality dates grown near Kinneret Lake near the Sea of Galilee. Our supplier, a kibbutz (farming community) in the north of Israel, has a lot of expertise in growing dates and making products out of them. The spread that is featured in the Holiday box is done following a special recipe and tastes differently from dates spreads made by other companies. You can really taste the high quality – it’s so delicious.

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