Meet the Maker: Sweet Magic’s Biscuits, Greece

Meet the Maker: Sweet Magic’s Biscuits, Greece

Crumbly and sweet, the kourambies biscuits in the Greece Box are the perfect treat after a filling meal or with an afternoon tea. Made from a family recipe, they’re dry cookies made with enriched almonds and powdered sugar.

A family business based in Athens, Sweet Magic has been baking Greek desserts for over 30 years. Their light biscuits (or cookies) are hand-packaged and offer a new take on the traditional shortbread cookie! Here, we learned about the founder, Athanasios Raptodimos, and how his company all got started.

Can you tell us a little about how Sweet Magic began? 

More than 30 years ago, young Athanasios Raptodimos’s love for traditional sweets, and especially syrup sweets, led him to start a business. Through the years, he passed on his passion to his children. His son Nick studied food technology and soon joined him in the company. During all this time, the company began to enrich its product range with biscuits, cookies, traditional and Lenten sweets, and it has also set out to expand to new markets across the borders of Greece.

Nowadays, the company has its own private, certified premises with state of the art equipment where both father and son Raptodimos are present – daily – at all stages of the production process, ensuring that only top quality products reach the consumers.

What is your company’s goal or inspiration?

We are looking forward to expanding into new markets and letting the world know that Greeks have a rich history in gastronomy and confectionery.

We love your dry, nutty biscuits. Can you describe how they’re made?

We start by beating butter with powdered sugar for quite some time in order to make a smooth mixture and then we add the flour. When it is homogenized, we add the almonds and start to shape the biscuits. We cook them for about 45 minutes and then we let them cool. The final stage is to sprinkle the biscuits with powdered sugar and pack them.


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