Meet the Maker: Mickelsen’s Jelly, Chile

Meet the Maker: Mickelsen’s Jelly, Chile

Celebrating the harvest of regional Chilean produce, Mickelsen has been sharing the best that country has to offer for over 50 years. It’s a family-owned business based in Buin, Chile that has been crafting special foods like wine jelly and tapenade for generations. Their Carménère wine jelly is one of our absolute favorites in this month’s Chile Box.

Read ahead to learn more about this great company! Furthermore, if you’re as inspired by the story as we are, check out some of the Mickelsen products on our shop!

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Can you share with us your story about how you got started?

Our great-grandparents came to Chile from Germany and Denmark in 1880.   Due to the earthquake and tsunami of 1960, our farm became flooded. We moved to the Central Valley, where we personally harvested vegetables and fruits from our farm in order to subsist. After giving some jams and spreads as gifts to our neighbors and friends, they encouraged us to sell these delicious products.  This was how Mickelsen was born more than 50 years ago!

Our success consists in selecting only the best quality handpicked fruits and vegetables that grow in exceptional Chilean soils. We use no artificial coloring or flavoring. Our products are natural, which allows for the original taste and color in each to spring up.

What is the process for making Carménère wine jelly? How does one start?

Alluring and tasty, our delicious and delicate Carménère wine jelly is made from a fruity and expressive Chilean wine.  The process is simple: we reduce the wine in a slow simmer, mix it with several spices, and then add cane sugar and pectin.  The secret is picking the best and most ideal ingredients. The combination of these ingredients and our technique gives birth to a delicate but complex jelly that is the perfect complement to cheeses. Some of our favorite ways to enjoy the product are:

  • Serve as the ultimate condiment for cheeses and appetizers. Pair jelly with warm camabert, blue cheese, or pâté!
  • Glaze your favorite meat before serving. It is especially great with lamb, beef or pork
  • Warm slightly and drizzle atop fruit platters, cheesecakes or ice creams


What is your company’s overall mission or goal?

We are a service oriented company and our goal is to provide fast, efficient, and customized services to all our clients. But more importantly, our handmade products express an experience of nature and quality oriented to satisfy the needs of our demanding clients. Our inspiration is to create a seductive and sophisticated appetizer.  But most of all, to create a truly gourmet experience.


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