Meet the Chef: Diane Kochilas, Greece Box

Meet the Chef: Diane Kochilas, Greece Box

Born and raised in a Greek home in New York City, Chef Diane Kochilas has spent her career promoting all things Greek, good, and gourmet! She is a chef consultant and has worked with dozens of Greek restaurants around the US.

Chef Kochilas’ philosophy is rooted in simplicity, community, and wholesome foods. She has appeared on numerous TV shows (such as “Throwdown with Bobby Flay”), and she has her own cooking channel on Youtube where you can master authentic Greek recipes!

Diane is passionate about sharing Greek culinary traditions and cultures to broader audiences.She has written over 5 cook books which have a wide range of easy recipes. Two of her most successful ones are The Country Cooking of Greece and Ikaria: Lessons on Food, Life, and Longevity from the Greek Island Where People Forget to Die. 

Some of her most popular dishes feature octopus, feta, and wild herbs. Here’s a run-down of our favorite recipes that she’s made over the years!

Greek Baked Potatoes

Potatoes stuffed with broccoli, Greek yogurt, and feta – yum! Pair with a glass of light white wine like a pinot grigio, or one Greek one if you can find, such as one from the Peloponnese.

Fasolada Soup

Beans are a new world product from the Americas, but bean soup called “fasolada” in Greek is actually Greece’s national dish! This one is hearty and made with white beans and carrots.

Greek Onion Pie

A savory pie made of phyllo dough baked with fresh tomatoes, onion, and walnuts. It’s full of healthy vegetables, crispy nuts, and flavored with traditional Greek olive oil!


This is a Greek pasta dish baked with ground meat and creamy béchamel sauce. Or try a similar version made with eggplant and spices, called moussaka!

Lemon Cake

Made with olive oil, yogurt, and honey, this lemon cake is sure to please! It’s light and citrusy, so it’s perfect to brighten up a dark winter day or to simply enjoy during the warm summer months.

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