How to Cook with Saft

How to Cook with Saft

One of the favorites from the Sweden Box, Tillmans’ elderflower saft syrup is an incredible addition to so many drinks, whether simple spritzers or elaborate cocktails. But even more than that, saft works well in other preparations, too. Don’t believe us? Try one of the suggestions below.

1. Sweeten tea 

Elderflower saft adds soft floral flavors and sweetness to any drink it’s mixed into. Instead of sweeting your infusion with honey, use a spoonful of saft.

2. Make a sorbet

Flower-flavored sorbets like lavender or violet are delicious on their own or with light cakes and desserts. To make your own with saft, mix the syrup into your sorbet base before churning and freezing.

3. Reduce into a glaze

Slightly thicken the saft syrup by cooking it over low heat in a small saucepan. The reduction is an incredible addition to berries and fruit salads.

4. Add to baked goods

Mix a spoonful of saft into cake batter before baking to make a subtly aromatic and floral cake that’s delicious with whipped cream and tea.

5. Whisk into dressing

Make a slightly sweet and floral salad dressing by swapping honey for saft in your favorite dressing recipe.

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