Gift Guide: International Treats For Mother’s Day

Gift Guide: International Treats For Mother’s Day

In order to ensure an immensely successful Mother’s Day this year, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite products to give mom. From Belgian chocolates to elderflower syrup, all of these great products are sure to make your leading woman feel loved. We think that giving delicious foods is a great way to say “thank you,” and these were specially picked with mom in mind! 

1. Dark Chocolate 🇫🇷

This dark chocolate from France is rich and indulgent, with bits of chewy cherry and crunch pistachio to diversify each bite. It’s irresistible!


2. Tea Blend 🇮🇳

A special tea made especially for Try The World and packaged in a limited edition box, this warming tea is bursting with cardamom and clove. Explore our interview with Rodhika Chopra, the owner of No. 3 Clive Road, to learn more about this lovely company from Delhi.


3. Rose Petals 🇮🇹

Delicately dried rose petals add a floral note to any dish. They would be right at home served alongside any meal on Mother’s Day! Try sprinkling them onto a pasta with pesto or truffle oil.


4. Milk Chocolate 🇧🇪

Wrapped in beautiful packaging, this authentic Belgian chocolate is studded with caramelized macadamia nuts that will satisfy any sweet tooth.


5. Date Spread 🇮🇱

Made with fruit grown on a community farm in Israel, dates are said to be a symbol of good luck. Give some luck as a gift this Mother’s day! 


6. Chocolate Toffee 🇿🇦

Uniquely flavored and classically chewy, this South African sweet is delicious! It’s specially made with red wine, giving it a deep flavor that matches with any evening beverage.


7. Raspberry Jam 🇬🇧

Bursting with fresh raspberry and the trademark flavor of earl gray tea, this sophisticated jam pairs beautifully with any toast and would make an ideal addition to any breakfast spread.


8. Elderflower Syrup 🇸🇪

Floral, sweet, and traditionally Swedish, stir this syrup (also known as saft) into any drink or cocktail to add a new dimension of elderflower flavor. We propose you mix with some prosecco or champagne! Learn more about the Swedish maker Tillman’s here.


9. Chocolate Caramel Cookies 🇧🇪

The company that makes this product won the “Best Belgian Artisan” award for their handmade sweets, so you can rest assured that these chocolate cookies made with caramel are of the highest quality.


10. Chestnut Cream 🇫🇷

Super convenient because of the tube it comes in, this sweet spread from France is excellent used to sandwich two cookies together or drizzled atop ice cream.

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