Fun Facts: Michelin Edition!

Fun Facts: Michelin Edition!

Our collaboration with Michelin is a true gift! Read ahead to find out fun facts about your favorite Holidays, the products in the Box, and Michelin itself.

1. Originally celebrated in Britain, Boxing Day is an age-old celebration of those not as fortunate.

Celebrated on the day after Christmas in Britain, the Holiday commemorates the custom of people receiving a day off from working – usually the day after Christmas – and a “Christmas box” from their employer. This was celebrated as early as the 1600s!

2. The first Michelin Guide from 1900 had nothing to do with restaurants.

The first Michelin guide was published in 1900 by brothers Edouard and Andre Michelin and provided French motorists with maps, lists of hotels, gas stations, and mechanics, and directions for basic automobile maintenance. It wasn’t until later years that a restaurant and hospitality component was included.

3. The most affordable Michelin-starred eatery is in Hong Kong; the price of the award-winning noodle bowl is only $1.50!

Usually reserved for refined, very expensive restaurants, one of the most recent Michelin stars was awarded to an atypical recipient: Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle was awarded a Michelin Star this year!

4. There is a tie for the country with the most three-starred restaurants; Japan and France both boast 26.

Which country has the most Michelin starred restaurants? This race is between Japan and France! These countries have the highest number of three-starred restaurants, with both boasting 26 restaurants each.

6. Pineapple cake is usually given as a gesture of good luck during the Lunar New Year, mainly in China.

The Lunar New Year or “Spring Festival” is a Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of the next calendar year. Centuries old, this festival is traditionally used to honor those who have passed and to make way for good luck in the coming year. A typical good luck custom is to give pineapple cake to friends and family; with the cake from En Luen in your Holiday: Michelin box, you can also take part in the celebrations!

7. Hannukah is a Jewish celebration of the re-dedication of the temple and the amazing event that followed it.

Hanukkah is an eight day celebration usually marked with menorahs and dreidels. Hanukkah (and its many spellings) commemorates a second century revolt against Jewish oppressors. Nowadays, Jewish people worldwide celebrate the miracle of light, remembering the miraculous event when one-day’s worth of oil burned for 8 days!

8. Invented in Germany, gingersnaps are named for the sound made when they’re being eaten!

Invented hundreds of years ago, the gingersnap was named as such because of the “snapping” sound made when eating! Redolent with molasses and ginger, the cookies in your Box were made by Bengt and John of Nyakers, who continue this tradition and proudly run Sweden’s most popular gingersnap-dedicated bakery. 

9. All Michelin reviewers are totally anonymous.

Michelin Stars carry with them a lot of weight. In order to avoid any bias, Michelin reviewers are entirely anonymous and rate and critique restaurants without any guise or pretense. Who knows, perhaps you’ve sat next to a Michelin reviewer in the past?!

10. The tallest Christmas tree – according to Guinness – was 221 feet and was displayed in Seattle in 1950.

Christmas trees are a time honored tradition that are enjoyed in many different ways. The world’s first artificial Christmas tree was made out of dyed goose feathers! Real Christmas trees have been sold since the mid-1850s, and they’re usually grown for 15 years before being sold.

11. There are 14 three-Michelin starred restaurants in America, all in 3 states: New York, Illinois and California!

Some of the most noteworthy three-starred Michelin restaurants are Alinea in Chicago, Per Se and Le Bernardin in New York City, and The French Laundry in Yountville, CA.

11. Local Italian truffle brand Giuliano Tartufi began in 1980, when Tartufi ventured into the forest with his grandfather and dog and found the truffle that would transform their family’s future.

The rest is history! The company now produces a range of truffle-based products – such as the truffle sauce in your box – well known for their high quality.

12. French chef Joel Robuchon has the most Michelin stars of any chef: 25!

Amassing more Michelin stars at his highly regarded restaurants than any other chef, Joel Robuchon currently leads the chef world with more than two dozen Michelin stars. He has won countless awards and he has restaurants in Bangkok, Las Vegas, London, Monaco, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, and more!

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