Flavor Lesson: What To Pair With Tea

Flavor Lesson: What To Pair With Tea

For countries like Japan and Morocco, it’s popular to drink tea with a savory meal. And how about in Germany, where black tea is enjoyed for breakfast? Or in India or Great Britain, where it’s so popular to ‘put on a pot of tea’ and mix it with milk.

All around the world, tea plays a major part in a country’s culinary traditions. It influences how conversations are started, how friends choose to get together, and how people catch up and meet back at the table.

Wine isn’t the only beverage that requires a sophisticated palate to truly appreciate. And sorry northern Europe (chiming off fika for Scandinavians and afternoon cake time for Germans), but a cup of hot coffee isn’t the only beverage that pairs great with sweet things.

“Meeting for tea” is having a moment right now (perhaps because we’re all tired!). We’ve scoured cultural trends, and here’s of our best ideas to pair your hot cup with some of the best food.


  1. Citrus
  2. Croissants and other buttery pastries
  3. Dark chocolate
  4. Strong cheeses

Black teas, like Early Grey, have a strong flavor and are often made with bergamot, herbs, and citrus.



  1. Berries
  2. Red bean cake
  3. Mint dishes
  4. Chocolate desserts

It’s a tradition to serve green tea with certain types of cuisine. It goes incredibly well with Japanese and Moroccan dishes, like sushi or tagine.

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