DIY Thai Fruit Carving

DIY Thai Fruit Carving

The tradition of fruit carving in Thailand supposedly began as a way to create table decorations for Thailand’s Royal Family. Today, many locals practice the art by taking advantage of Thailand’s natural abundance of fruits and vegetables. And in fact, it’s considered such an important part of Thai culture that the skill is often taught  in elementary schools around the country. By using a sharp knife and fresh vegetables, you too can try your hand at this famous art. Then, whip out a few of your own creations to spruce up a salad or table centerpiece.


  • 1 large carrot
  • Sharp knife or boxcutter


DIY Vegetable Carving

© Allison Yu

1. Cut the carrot into thirds. Lay the flat round on a cutting board and cut 3 vertical cross sections about ¼ inch thick.

2. Cut out the shape of a leaf from each cross section.

3. Carve 2 parallel slits into the center of the leaf. (It’s easier to do if you first make a preliminary cut at a 45° angle, and then run the knife down the incision at a 90° angle.) Remove the triangular strip of carrot flesh cut out by the 2 slits.

4. Create slits around the edges of the leaf by carving into the edge of the entire cross section. (Bringing the knife through the slits multiple times will make them larger and more leaflike.)

Anisha Datta

Anisha Datta studies Economics and MESAAS (Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies) at Columbia University. During her free time she likes to run, travel, and be outdoors.

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