Back by Popular Demand: The France Box is Here!

Back by Popular Demand: The France Box is Here!

It’s a big day for Try The World: the flagship box is back! When it was first created over three years ago, the Paris Box sold out within the first two days of it’s release, and customer feedback about it was incredible. It’s been a subscriber favorite since the very beginning! Thanks to your praise, we’re bringing this same box—now renamed the France Box—back so you can experience the incredible cuisine of France once again. Here’s a look at what’s inside.

About the box

France is a magical place—and with good reason. No matter where in France, it’s the local expertise in artisanal and regional specialities that make this country so remarkable—and its cuisine so exquisite. The France Box, curated by Chef Christophe Schmitt, is a perfect introduction to the best of this country’s cuisine.

The curating chef

In one of the most elegant restaurants in Paris, Chef Christophe Schmitt is known for his mastery of refined French cuisine. His insertion of contemporary influences into traditional dishes earned him his first Michelin star at Restaurant Le Diane in Paris and the 2012 Taittinger Prix Culinaire.

What’s inside

The France Box features regional specialties from all over France: butter cookies from Brittany, mustard from Dijon, chestnut cream from Ardêche, jam from Corsica, and more! It’s the best way to discover the best of French cuisine.

How to use the box

With his selection of sweets, seasonings, and teas, curating chef Christophe Schmitt shows you how to serve a goûter snack to your family, prepare a traditional meal and enjoy a movie night at home, or treat yourself to some delicious French treats.


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