6 Things to Know about the Products from Your Spain Box

6 Things to Know about the Products from Your Spain Box

Did you know that mussels can live to be over 100 years old? Or that orange blossoms taste nothing like oranges? Read on to find out even more about the products from your Spain Box!


1. Canned mussels by Espinaler

Mussels are generally harvested when they are just 1 year old. Some (inedible) varieties, however, can live to be 250!

2. Paprika by El Avión

Paprika is a spice powder made from various peppers, including bell peppers and chili peppers. Depending on its preparation, it can be mild or spicy, and plain or smoky.

3. Extra-virgin olive oil by Oleum Hispania

Over 44% of the world’s olive oil comes from Spain, and the average Spaniard consumes 3½ gallons per year! It’s used in a range of dishes, including desserts.

4. Turrón by El Almendro

Turrón is a typical holiday candy that was invented over 500 years ago by the Moors when they conquered Spain.

5. Orange blossom jam by P. Listo

Orange blossoms are the flower of the orange tree. Unlike the orange fruit, orange blossoms taste very floral and perfumy.

6. Tumaca sauce by El Navarrico

Traditionally, pan con tomate is a Catalonian breakfast food of bread rubbed with garlic and a tomato. Made with the same ingredients, tumaca sauce creates a similar dish that’s even easier to make!

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