5 Surprising Ways to Use Malbec Wine Sauce

5 Surprising Ways to Use Malbec Wine Sauce

There’s so much more to wine than just drinking it, like incredible sauces and jams. Read on for ideas about how to use this sweet preserve, made with ingredients from Argentina’s beautiful grasslands.

1. Whisked into a vinaigrette

Sweet and fruity dressing is surprisingly delicious in savory salads. Whisk together the sauce with olive oil and vinegar, and toss with peppery arugula, goat cheese, and chopped nuts.

2. Baked in puff pastry

Bake a super simple tart by spreading the wine sauce over a thawed sheet of puff pastry. Cut into smaller squares, then crimp the corners of each small square together. Bake until golden in a 350°F oven, about 10 minutes. Serve warm.

3. Served over meat

Warm the wine sauce in a small saucepan, then drizzle over slices of steak. The sweetness of the sauce contrasts nicely with savory meat.

4. Glazed over fruit tarts

Add a boost of flavor to simple fruit tarts by drizzling the wine sauce over the top of the preparation just before baking. As the sauce heats in the oven, it concentrates the sweetness of the fresh fruit.

5. Mixed into a cocktail

Replace traditional sweeteners like simple syrup or triple sec with fruity wine sauce. Vigorously shake the drink in a cocktail shaker to prevent the jam from sinking to the bottom.

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