5 Fun Things to Know About Your Italy Box

5 Fun Things to Know About Your Italy Box

1. Truffles can sell for as much as $3,600 per pound
That’s right! Truffles are a rare (and pricy) product. So many dishes taste incredible with the. We love using the truffle zest from the Italy Box in anything, from pasta and risotto to eggs and potatoes.

2. Even though Italy’s famous for it, pasta was likely invented in the Middle East
Historians believe it was the Arabs who first invented pasta. They later brought the dried pasta to Italy in the 13th century.

3. To make balsamic vinegar, it’s reduced to 30% of its original volume
Close to 1,000 years ago, inhabitants of modern-day Italy first invented balsamic vinegar, allowing wine to reduce into an indulgent, syrup-like vinegar. Try drizzling it on fresh mozzarella with olive oil!

4. Famously creamy, risotto is actually made without any cream
Risotto’s famous texture comes from when the grains of rice (usually arborio) release their starches as they rub against each other. With too much liquid, there won’t be enough friction between the grains. That’s why recipes call for adding the liquid little by little, constant stirring. All good risotto recipes call for an egg too.

5. Some amaretti cookies aren’t even made with almonds
Even though the traditional recipe calls for almonds, many Italian bakers use apricot kernels instead, as they are much less expensive than almonds. Marabissi’s from the Italy Box, however, are made with 100% almonds.

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