5 Dishes from Around the World to Serve this Thanksgiving

5 Dishes from Around the World to Serve this Thanksgiving

Patatas Bravas
Replace the typical potato side with this Spanish version, made with chorizo and tomatoes.
Fresh Butter
Homemade butter is a world apart from even the highest quality store bought. This one incorporates fleur de sel and can be made several days before the big day.
Romesco with Summer Squash
This romesco, a nut and red pepper-based sauce originally from Catalonia, is delicious served over grilled squash.
Moroccan Deviled Eggs
A simple, crowd-pleasing appetizer, deviled eggs are a well-loved classic for good reason. Serve this Moroccan-inspired version as a side at your Thanksgiving dinner.
Vegetables 2 Ways
Light and crispy, tempura emerged in Japan as a popular street food made by yatai (street vendors). This version is delicious as an appetizer or small side.

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