3 Ways Italy Changed the World

3 Ways Italy Changed the World

1. Galileo is known for his contributions in a multitude of areas, from astronomy to physics and philosophy to mathematics.  

Galileo is famous for a slew of inventions and discoveries that have shaped our world today: he confirmed the phases of Venus and the satellites around Jupiter (which are now named after him), and he invented the compass and an early form of the thermometer!

2. Antonio Meucci created the first telephone prototype. 

That’s right! Alexander Graham Bell didn’t invent it—we have Antonio Meucci to thank for that instead. His contributions unfortunately went unacknowledged for many years, but as of 2002, his work is now being celebrated.

3. Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio

In 1901, Marconi finalized his project and successfully sent and received a transatlantic radio signal. He won a Nobel Prize for his work and his system was initially used for safety and emergencies (it was even used on the Titantic).

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