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Mickelsen Gourmet

CarmÌ_å©nÌ_Ìâre Wine Jelly

CarmÌ_å©nÌ_Ìâre Wine Jelly

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This jelly is made with CarmÌ_å©nÌ_Ìâre, a wine grape originally from Bordeaux. A plague during the 19th century destroyed nearly all of the CarmÌ_å©nÌ_Ìâre vineyards in Europe, but in 1998 the grape was rediscovered growing in Chile. Mickelsen, a family business, has been mastering the grape's unique flavor for over a hundred years.

  • Product of Chile
  • All-natural, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free
  • 7 oz; 200g
  • Ingredients: CarmÌ_å©nÌ_Ìâre?ÕÌ_wine, Sugar, Pectin. Non-Alcoholic.
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