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    We collaborate with cuisine experts to curate some of the most authentic, artisan and high-quality products from around the world.


    We collaborate with cuisine experts to curate some of the most authentic, artisan and high-quality products from around the world.

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    Every box is a new discovery, with an assortment of 10+ items that will have you experiencing the flavors of Spain, Japan, Brazil and so much more.

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Try The World | Snacks
Try The World | Expert Curated
Try The World | See What's Inside
Try The World | Snacks
Try The World | Expert Curated
Try The World | See What's Inside


    Revel in the flavors of cultures from around the world.



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Palets Butter Cookies


Palets are delicious butter cookies from France. Since 1888, La Mère Poulard has been making their signature cookies using rich butter from Brittany in northern France. These crunchy cookies are great with tea or dipped  into hot chocolate.


Brittany, or Bretagne, is a region of northwest France known for its delicious butter cookies, galettes, and fresh seafood.

Mont Saint-Michel is an island commune in the region and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It is traditional to enjoy palets with tea as an afternoon snack, known in France as le goûter.

Chocolate Tarallini


Tarallini are a type of Italian breadstick and popular throughout the south of the country. Inspired by the flavors of Puglia, a picturesque coastal region, Terre di Puglia specializes in preserving traditional recipes, like these delicious chocolate treats.


Puglia is a region of southern Italy known for its baked breads, olive oil, and fresh produce.

The area is famous for its beautiful, crystal clear waters and whitewashed mountainous coast.

It is traditional to enjoy tarallini as a snack, and taste especially great after a day in the sun.

Sriracha Banana Chips


Made with golden hom thong bananas, this aromatic snack takes you right to Thailand! Sweet and spicy, these chips are made specially for Sriracha lovers.


Thai food is loved for its delicious flavor combinations, like peanuts, sweet sauces, and fresh fruit.

The region is famous for its tropical climate - great for growing banana - and warm beaches.

This snack is great to enjoy on-the-go and will transport you straight to the tropics!

Yakgwa Honey Cookies


Yakgwa are tiny fried cookies made with honey, wheat flour, and sesame oil, giving them their delectable consistency and flavor. They are formed in the shape of a chrysanthemum - a flower which has entire Korean festivals dedicated to it - and are commonly served at birthdays.


Seoul is an incredible place for street food and eating on-the-go, and these tiny cookies are great to pack in your bag!

Food in Korea is a way of coming together to celebrate centuries-old traditions. It’s common to sit cross-legged at a low table, one that’s overflowing with dozens of bowls and dishes.

Yakgwa pair great with coffee for an afternoon treat, or even better, enjoy them with hot yuzu tea - a Korean delicacy.

Honey and Salt Toffee

South Africa

Deliciously salty and sweet, this toffee is made with butter, salt, and honey sourced from Darling, South Africa. Frits and Hentie - the duo behind this company - have been making their signature creamy sweets since 2013.

sustainably producedSustainably produced
Supports local communitySupports local community

Darling makes a range of high-quality toffees using traditional methods and with no artificial colorants, flavorings, or preservatives.

One of the main ingredients, butter, is historically linked to the small town with its picturesque surroundings.

They support the Darling community through creating jobs and through their charity, The Darling Trust.

Yuzu Gummy Candies


Yuzu is a special type of Asian citrus that resembles a lemon, and these Japanese candies are so delicious. In 1923, Kasugai began selling nuts and dried fruit in a small shop. Soon after, they developed their popular gummy candies, which continue today to be made with real fruit juice.


Japan cuisine is known for being light and perfectly balanced, and these citrus candies are no exception.

Tokyo is famous for its skyscrapers and cuisine, but Kyoto is a place full of picturesque gardens and forests.

These Japanese gummy candies are made with real fruit extract. It’s hard to resist the whole bag!


"Try The World gives a true flavor of the city with products that can't be easily picked up at the local store."

Liz, Philadelphia, PA

"The magic of it is to have this box of items from a far-away place arrive on your doorstep without you shopping for them."

John, San Francisco


  • Chia Seed Pudding with Moroccan Orange Blossom Water and Dried Goldenberries from Peru. #TryTheWorld From @cestlebrie

  • Dried berries in yogurt. From the @trytheworld holiday box 🎁 #trytheworld #breakfast

  • These Cacao Nibs & Blueberries from Peru complement any dessert perfectly! 😍🙌 #TryTheWorld

  • Start your day with cool snacks from around the world, like golden hom thong banana chips. #TryTheWorld

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